I have a confession to make…I really don’t like to cook.  I know, I know – I’m a horrible mom!

Just kidding, I know I’m not alone with this sentiment about cooking.  I don’t enjoy cooking, but I can’t have my family eating takeout while keeping a clear conscious.  Therefore, I often find myself in the kitchen trying to think of meals that won’t take me forever to make.  Since I’m trying to be consistent with meal planning and meal prepping, it’s important for me to find recipes that are simple and will last for several days.  If you have find yourself in the same boat, here are 5 tips to help you meal plan or meal prep even if you hate to cook:

1. Find Recipes with a Short, Simple List of Ingredients

Avoid recipes that have lots of ingredients or ingredients that are difficult to find.  Whenever possible I look for recipes with 3-6 ingredients at the most.  I also choose recipes with ingredients that I know I’ll use again.  There’s nothing worse than having leftover items (from a previous recipe) that go to waste.

2.  Go the Semi-Homemade Route

Don’t try to make everything from scratch.  Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies are my favorite for a quick dessert item.  The ready-made dough assures I have soft, warm cookies in 20 min or less (including the time it takes me to place the dough on a cookie sheet).

3.  Choose Recipes That Will Last Awhile

Make sure that you’re making enough food.  True meal planning and meal prepping should provide you with at least one week’s worth of food, whether your preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or just certain meals.  The whole point of this process is to keep you from having to cook or prepare something everyday, so stay away fro

4.  Give Yourself a Fun Day

Identify at least one day of the week that you can forego eating home cooked food and enjoy takeout from one of your favorite restaurants.  In my home, Sunday is the “fun day”.  We typically select a restaurant and either order takeout or eat at the restaurant.    This is a great way to break up possible monotony associated with eating similar foods throughout the week.

5.  Don’t Beat Yourself Up If You Fall Off The Wagon

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t consistent in the beginning.  Remember – you don’t really like cooking, so no matter what plan you put in place, cooking on a consistent basis may take time.  Just be patient with yourself and make a commitment to giving meal planning and prepping a real try.

What are some ways you try to make meal planning and prepping easier?

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