Hi there!  My name is Dr. Tiffany and I love school!  At least that’s what everyone tells me when they find out I have three degrees: Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Business Administration.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard the sentiment, “Wow!  You must LOVE school since you keep going back…”

From Corporate America to Mommy

Now, I wouldn’t say I love school, but I definitely love to learn.  As a former member of Corporate America, a college instructor, and a recent “unplanned entrepreneur”, I have continued to pursue learning and unique ways to advance and excel.

In 2011, when my daughter Sydney was born, my love for learning took on the form of finding exciting ways  to introduce her to the world she had entered.  I felt a “call” to teach her and I cherished the bond we created as I watched her grasp new concepts and make steady progress.  I had already left Corporate America by the time Sydney was born, so I was in no hurry to send her to daycare.  At the time, I was at home full time and I was working on the administrative aspects of the small business I own with my husband.  I didn’t see a need to put her in an outside program, she was learning quite well with her Mommy!

Distracted By Others’ Opinions

However, I started listening to the critiques and friendly advice of others.  “Oh she’s a year old.  She needs socialization.”  “She’s so bright, she’s ready for daycare.  You don’t want to hold her back.”  I started second guessing my decision to keep her home, and wondered if I was stifling her growth.  So, two months after her first birthday, I enrolled my daughter in a local, well-respected preschool program.  Sydney rebelled immediately!  She would weep when I left her (yes, I know that’s considered normal for new preschoolers), and when nap time came she’d just sleep until I came to pick her up!  Additionally, she would run a fever the night before she was supposed to go to school.  She was literally making herself sick.  Needless to say, she didn’t stay in that program very long.  When she realized she didn’t have to go back, my sweet, eager to learn munchkin reappeared and we picked up right where we left off.

I tried preschool again when she turned three years old, but chose to abort this attempt again when she clearly voiced her displeasure.  “I don’t like this school.  I like when you teach me, Mommy.”  Every morning we had to sing the Daniel Tiger song, “Grown Ups Come Back”, just to get her through the doors and into her classroom.  I couldn’t understand this contrast to her personality.  I thought she would embrace preschool because of her outgoing personality and love for learning new things.  However, I didn’t recognize this timid, fearful child.  I decided to stop putting us both through this torture, and I made the commitment to home school my daughter.  I knew what was best for her, and after only two weeks of informal learning, she was writing her name, counting to 30, and memorizing bible verses.

Empowered to Teach!

Now, I’m homeschooling my daughter, but the path to this place wasn’t all roses.  As I researched curricula, I was overwhelmed by the vast number of resources and programs that exist.  I immediately felt a desire to help others avoid the overwhelm I experienced in the process of developing my Kindergarten curriculum.  I created this website because I want to empower new and existing homeschooling parents to embrace the privilege of teaching their children.  I want to provide resources, tips, advice, and encouragement to help you shape your child’s learning experience.

Feel free to kick back and get comfortable as you peruse my website.  I sincerely hope you find immeasurable value here!

Thoughtfully Yours,

Dr. Tiffany


Dr. Tiffany McKinnon-Russell is a former member of Corporate America turned homeschooling mom, entrepreneur, and author.  She is the author of the book, More Than Happy: Abandoning Perfection in Pursuit of True Joy.  Dr. Tiffany is passionate about empowering moms to confidently teach, nurture, and support their children without forgetting themselves in the process.  She would love to work with your brand or organization, and she is open to partnership ideas.

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