Make Reading Fun For Your First Grader

Reading seems like all fun and games until you reach the first grade level.  At that point, you aren’t simply teaching letter sounds and singing the Alphabet Song, but rather you’re putting those sounds together and making 2, 3, 4-letter words.  You may be introducing sight words and short sentences, and you may also begin…

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How to Have a Productive Day EVERYDAY!


*There may be affiliate links in this post. Productivity?  What’s That? As women with jam-packed schedules, productivity can feel like an achievement that often alludes us.  As homeschooling moms this reality seems even more prevalent.  There are so many items you need to attend to, aside from making sure the homeschool day goes off without…

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Understand Your Child’s Learning Style

When you make the decision to home school your child, you must take some time to assess your teaching style and your child’s learning style.  Being clear about the way you teach and the way your child learns will give you invaluable insight into the way you should structure your home school learning environment. How…

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