Get Ready to Home School: Knowing State Requirements

Making the decision to home school can be very exciting.  You may be tempted to immediately begin purchasing resources and diving right into your home school experience.  However, before you let your excitement get the best of you, make sure you have properly researched the requirements for your state. Understanding your state requirements will help…

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Understand Your Child’s Learning Style

  When you make the decision to home school your child, you must take some time to assess your teaching style and your child’s learning style.  Being clear about the way you teach and the way your child learns will give you invaluable insight into the way you should structure your home school learning environment.…

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How to Create Your Own Home School Worksheets


I have had great success with finding free and low cost materials to build my curriculum.  There are two awesome and FREE resources that help me create custom home school worksheets.  These two websites have been instrumental in helping me develop focused lesson plans each week. Handwriting Practice The first resource I want to share…

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