How to Successfully Plan Your Homeschool Day

Planning your homeschool day might just be one of the toughest homeschool tasks.  There are so many factors to consider in the process of developing a schedule that makes sense for your family.  Are you struggling in this area of your homeschool?  I’m sharing how to plan your homeschool day with ease. Lofty Expectations There…

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What is Homeschooling? Creating a Better Definition


With so much information out there about homeschooling, you may find yourself overwhelmed and still wondering, “What is homeschooling?”  The beauty of this question is that you can design your own personal answer.  However, when you’re just starting out this freedom can seem daunting.  So let’s take a look at homeschooling and create a solid…

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How to Begin Homeschooling: 5 Tips To Get You Started


Recently, I posted a survey asking individuals about their current interests and concerns about homeschooling.  One of the questions included in the survey asked, “What are your biggest homeschooling issues?”  I included several answer choices, and allowed survey takers to choose all responses that applied to their situation.  Those who completed the survey highlighted several…

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Homeschooling Tips for Beginners

So you’ve made the decision to homeschool your kindergartner!  Now what?  If you’re wondering where to start as you embark on this journey, take a look at these five homeschooling tips to help you on your way: Do your research. My first homeschooling tip is extremely important before you get started.  Make sure you know…

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