Are You Listening?

After a little over a week post-surgery, I’m starting to feel good enough to share. “Share what”, you ask?

Well, I’ve never had surgery before, let alone emergency surgery, so this experience has taught me a thing or two that I’d like to pass on to you. I’ll be sharing over the next few days because it’s kind of a lot 😉. The cool thing is that I’m realizing these little lessons apply to my health and business. So here goes…

Listen to Your Body/Business

Having an appendectomy was a complete shock. When the doctor told me the CT scan revealed appendicitis, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I literally never saw that coming.

In hindsight; however, I have to admit that there had been minor signs of an issue – unexplained abdominal discomfort over the past several weeks and loss of appetite. Without a second thought, I brushed these symptoms off and kept it moving.

Even while enduring excruciating pain on the way to the emergency room, I never guessed I was experiencing anything more that severe indigestion. Yet, my body was was speaking to me. I just wasn’t listening.

If you’re not careful, the same thing will happen with your business. The systems you have in place aren’t quite cutting it, but you keep telling yourself they’ll work for now. The products/services you’re offering don’t resonate with you or your ideal client, but making changes at this point seems like too much work, or at the very least super scary!! So, you do nothing and hope that nothing goes wrong.

And then something DOES go wrong – Terribly wrong! Emergency surgery, declining health, losing clients, being unable to attract clients, loss of inspiration, more bills than income…

It’s time to listen, to pay attention, and if something doesn’t feel right – do something about it. Don’t let fear of change, complacency, or personal ignorance land you in a situation “you never saw coming”.

This is the place I’m in, regarding my life and business. I’m not sure what things will look like in the coming months, but I know I’m listening…

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