What is the Inspiration for "Live Your NOW Dream"?

Sydney started using the phrase "Live Your NOW Dream" to both illustrate and celebrate her passion for going after her dreams daily. “Now” is so important to her. It’s the moment when the excitement is fresh, when the idea is most potent, when the belief is unscathed, and before the opinions of others creep in...

Sydney is equally passionate about encouraging and empowering young girls to embrace their uniqueness and shine their light in the world – in their own way.  The arts play such an important role in developing confidence, compassion, and creativity.  Sydney wants to remind girls that their presence, voices, and talents are necessary and worthy of celebration!


Sydney is dedicated to:

  • Inspiring young girls to go after their dreams!
  • Being a positive role model and example for others!
  • Helping to create opportunities for girls just like her to explore their passion for the arts!

So, how can you join the movement?  We're so glad you asked!

Sydney loves to wear shirts with positive messages, so it only made sense to create her own tee!  The "Live Your NOW Dream" t-shirt is now available for purchase!  Purchase your t-shirt today to support Sydney and her message!

A portion of all proceeds will benefit philanthropic endeavors and future projects to provide creative opportunities and outlets for others!