The Joy Plan

The Joy Plan is a FREE 3-Day Course Designed to help you:

  • Identify and Give Shape to What Your Life Needs
  • Create a Plan to Pursue a Fulfilled and Engaging Lifestyle
  • Live Joyfully On Your Own Terms

Let’s Get Started!!


“It’s Time to Dream With Your Eyes Open”

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Have you ever had a dream that you thoroughly enjoyed, but when you woke up, you were unable to remember the details? You can’t recall exactly what happened, but you do recall how you felt. You can still feel the excitement, amazement, and contentment. You wake up wishing you could hold on to that feeling forever.

Well, your activity for Day 1 of The Joy Plan is to comp

lete an exercise I call “Dreaming With My Eyes Open”.

Access your Day 1 Worksheet here:

Follow the prompts on your worksheet. Do not try to be practical with this exercise. Really take the time to dream. This is your time to fantasize!

Access your Day 1 worksheet here:

After you complete the exercise, finish the following statement and post your response in the comments:

“After envisioning my “perfect day”, I feel ______________________________________.”


“Making Your Dream A Reality”

Yesterday, I asked you to envision your perfect day and get really specific about what activities, people, and special details were involved.

Your activity for Day 2 of The Joy Plan is to complete an exercise I call “Making Your Dream A Reality”.

Access your Day 2 Worksheet here:

Follow the prompts on your worksheet. Identify the components of your “perfect day” that you could implement now.

Access your Day 2 worksheet here:

After you complete the exercise, finish the following statement and post your response in the comments below:

“The first component I will implement from my “perfect day” is ______________________________________.”


“Commit to Living Your Dream”

You’ve made it to Day 3!!! How are you feeling about these exercises? Over the past few days you’ve fantasized about and even planned elements of your “perfect day”

This task may seem trivial, but there’s a reason why we took such a simplistic approach.

I wanted to illustrate two things:

1. Joy is strategic (it takes thought and planning).

2. Joy is a daily pursuit.

Simply thinking and planning are not enough to begin your path to joy, you must make a commitment to living this way. For many, this commitment begins with acknowledging that you DESERVE to live this way. Unfortunately, this process of acknowledgement can be difficult to embrace for ourselves. That’s why we didn’t start there – I wanted you to see the possibilities first without dealing with the weight of feeling worthy.

So, today I want you to take the process one step further. Let’s make a real commitment to pursuing what we need in our lives. Your assignment is simply to read the Day 3 graphic and do what it says. All the planning in the world means nothing without action. Read it everyday if you need to, until the words are etched in your being!Take your dreams and plans and go forward in pursuit of your joy!

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